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What's your angle?  If it is 0, 180, or 360 degrees then you need a Parallel Shaft gearbox.

Curtis Machine takes pride in it's design capability.  Our engineers are able to take a customers concept drawing and turn it into a PRO-ENGINEER 3D solid model.  Production programs are created utilizing PRO-MANUFACTURING, which takes the CAD model to create a CAM program.  The CAM program is then utilized along with our state of the art CNC machines to generate prototype gearboxes.

Our most popular parallel shaft gear box designs use single reduction, double reduction and multiple speed shifting gear sets.  Custom gears are made for each design.  Curtis Machine designs and produces spur and helical gears for these units.  Helical Gears are quieter and provide more torque density than spur gears.  Spur gears are advantageous for any shifting design.

Whether you need an offset 1:1 ratio, a 40:1 ratio reducer, or a 1:40 ratio speed up gearbox or something in-between Curtis Machine can design and produce what you need.  Flanges can be made right into the housing.  NEMA, SAE and custom flanges can be designed in as an integral part of your housing.   Torque capacities range from 250 inch pounds to 100,000 inch pounds.  Splined, keyed and hollow bore shafts are available.

Below is a listing of Curtis Machine's single reduction options.  For more information on double reduction and shifting gearbox options please contact the factory.


·Clockwise (CW) and counter-clockwise (CCW) notations indicate the direction of rotation when facing that end of the shaft extension.
·Arrows shown on the drawings are over the top of shaft extensions.
·The numbers shown adjacent to the shaft extensions are used to designate specific extensions when ordering.
·Shaft arrangements will also operate in the opposite direction as shown.

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  FM375 FM625 FM750 150 175M  200M 200C CCB CSSB FM1000  
   211   215 216 215H 214  412M 416M 413 414  511  250CD
    515 516 514 615MA 616MA 614MA 3510 6013 7050 9200  450CD
1.1 Straight 1.35:1 Straight 1.5:1 Straight 1:1 Spiral 1.35:1 Spiral 1.5:1 Spiral 2:1 Spiral 3:1 Spiral Flange Options

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